Virginia Division CofC insignia


Miss Laural Megan Williams
President, 2017–2018

President: Miss Laural Megan Williams
Vice President: Mr. James Wasenko
Second Vice President: Mr. Nathaniel (Nate) Thomson
Third Vice President: Miss Lauren Davis Patteson
Recording Secretary: Miss Catherine (Catie) Wasenko
Treasurer: Miss Faith Lynn Daniel
Historian: Miss Katherine Starbuck
Chaplain: Miss Autumn Marie Shook
Custodian: Mr. Tristan Carlson
Editor: Miss Kiersten Mae Thomson
Director: Mrs. Virginia (Ginnie) Storage

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BRIANNE N. KING AWARD – Awarded to the Chapter ordering the most insignia: Nannie Seddon Barney #23

Chapter ordering the most catechisms: Skylark #886

Chapter reading the most books on the War Between the States: Skylark #886

Chapter gaining the most new members on a percentage basis (excluding new Chapters): Little Confederates #31

McGOWAN STORAGE AWARD–Awarded to the Chapter submitting the most supplementals:Nannie Seddon Barney #23

Best written Chapter Report: Skylark #886

Chapter contributing the most to the Beatrice Bland Scholarship: Skylark #886

Chapter with the most subscriptions to Virginia's Glory: Bethel Juniors #744

Best Chapter Scrapbook: Appomattox Juniors #32

Best Chapter Yearbook: Appomattox Juniors #32

Chapter with the most members attending the Division Convention (excluding the host Chapter): 3-way tie between Appomattox Juniors #32, Chesterfield #21, and Nannie Seddon Barney #23

KATHERINE M. WHITACRE AWARD – Awarded to the most outstanding Girl CofC member
TIE - Miss McGowan V. Storage – Nannie Seddon Barney #23 and Miss Laural Williams - Appomattox #32

W. EDWARD SENN AWARD– Awarded to the most outstanding Boy CofC member: 

MRS. BETTY ANN RICE AWARD - Awarded to the Outstanding Chapter Director: Ms. Sharon Loving - Skylark #886

THE SPENCER BURCH AWARD – Awarded to the winner of the catechism quiz for ages 12 and over:                          Mr. Jonathan Starbuck - Little Confederates #31

JUNIOR CATECHISM QUIZ AGES 7-11 – Miss Autumn Shook - Appomattox Juniors #32

PRE-JUNIOR CATECHISM QUIZ AGES 6 AND UNDER – Miss Zelda Carlson, Turner Ashby Juniors #659


Little Confederates #31
Skylark #886

Appomattox Juniors #32

WITTICHEN, WILCOX, DICKENS SCHOLARSHIP FUND – Awarded to: Miss McGowan Virginia Storage, Virginia Division

Division Awards

FANNIE TARVER TRAY (No 10) – Presented by Mrs. Belmont Dennis, Ex-President General UDC, awarded to the Division Director sending in the most perfect applications papers: Virginia Storage, Virginia Division

CAROLINE DeKEITH COOK ROTH MEMORIAL TROPHY (No 30) – Presented in loving memory by the John Wesley Roth family, awarded to the Division with 150 members and over registering the greatest number of new members: Virginia Division

METTIE S. DAVIDSON AWARD (No 58) – Presented by the Louisiana Division honoring its 11-year Director, 1971-1982, and former Director of Registration, awarded to the Division registering the most supplemental papers: Virginia Division

MRS. FRANCIS CLARKE PALMER AWARD (No 85) – Honoring the Director General 1978-80 and President General UDC 1994-96, awarded to the Division Director registering the most girls during the year.: (Tie Between) Rebecca Sardello, Tennessee Division and Virginia Storage, Virginia Division

RUTH ELLEN, FLORENCE AND FRANCES JONES AWARD (No 41) – Presented by Mrs. E. Forrest Jones, Ex-Director, honoring her daughters, awarded to the Division with the most outstanding educational and historical achievements: Virginia Division

VICTORIA ESTELLE TAGLIABUE MATTHEWS AWARD (No 93) – Honoring the President General 1999-2000, awarded to the Division with 150 members and over purchasing the most Minutes: Virginia Division

MRS. WAYNE E. WILLIAMS AWARD (No 100) – Honoring the Director General 2000-2002 awarded to the Division with 150 members and over sending in the first General per capita report judging based on postmark or earliest date received by the Chairman of Judges: Virginia Division

Chapter Awards

ELOISE WELCH WRIGHT TROPHY (No 20) – Presented by Mrs. Carabel W. Youmans through the Calvin Crozier Chapter, UDC, honoring the Ex-President General UDC, awarded to the Chapter reporting the best historical work: Bethel Jrs #744, Virginia Division

BETTY AKIN AXTON AWARD (No 29) – Presented by Mrs. Walter C. Bass, Orlando, Florida, honoring the former Florida Division Director, awarded to the Chapter with membership 24 or less reading the greatest number of book on Confederate history: Skylark #886, Virginia Division

SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS AWARD (No 36) – Presented by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, awarded to the Chapter reading the most books per capita, list of books read must be attached to the Chapter report: Skylark #886, Virginia Division

MYRA H. PRITCHARD AWARD (No 66) – Honoring the Director General 1992-94, awarded to the Chapter with membership 24 and under reporting the most outstanding education and/or historical project or achievement during the year: Skylark #886, Virginia Division

Member Awards

THE SILVER BOWL AWARD (No 102) – Honoring Ex-Presidents of General Rebecca Widowski (2007-2008) and A.J. Widowski (2010-2011) will be awarded to a member, age 13 and older, submitting the best artwork on a Southern subject: Autumn Shook, Appomattox Juniors #32, Virginia Division

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