On October 21, 1895, four Chapters that had been chartered by the United Daughters of the Confederacy General Organization -- Mary Custis Lee 7, Black Horse 9, Lucy Mina Otey 10 (now Kirkwood Otey), and Appomattox 11 -- met in Alexandria, Va., and organized the first statewide organization within the UDC, Virginia Division.

In May of 1894 the Ladies Confederate Memorial Association of Charlottesville formed the "Daughters of the Confederacy" as an auxiliary to the local Grand Camp of Confederate Veterans. In April of 1895 they resolved to establish other Chapters in Virgjnia and on February 12, 1896, formed a statewide organization called the Grand Division of Virginia.

After months of negotiation and by action of the UDC General Convention in Baltimore in 1897, the Grand Division with its Chapters entered the UDC as a separate unit within Virginia. The original Virginia Division was to be known as the First Virginia Division. Grand Division Chapters were issued Charters by the General Organization.

On May 20, 1903, at a special meeting held in Lynchburg, the First Virginia Division and the Grand Division merged to form the current Virginia Division. Today the Division counts over 2,500 members organized into six geographic districts and 82 chapters in cities and towns across the Old Dominion.

Virginia Division 100th anniversary pin
Virginia Division 100th anniversary pin

Those of Confederate descent who are interested in pursuing membership in the United Daughters of the Confederacy or in the Children of the Confederacy (an auxiliary organization for boys and girls under the age of 18) are invited to contact:

Ginger Stephens
President, Virginia Division UDC


Mrs. Mary Frances Shea Wasenko
Director, Virginia Division Children of the Confederacy

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